Program Options and Duration

Two program structures are available. The MU CMP consists of one year of laboratory animal medicine residency activities followed by two years of primarily research activities (at least 40 hours/week) coupled with 10-15 hours/week of laboratory animal medicine activities. 
The latter activities complement training gained in the first year and are developed in consultation with the
trainee to facilitate pursuit of specific career goals.

Trainees in the CMP pursue either MS or PhD degrees. MS students complete their program after three years, while PhD students complete their program after 5-6 years. The majority of our funded positions are for the CMP program structure.

The MU LAMP, in contrast with the CMP, consists of 1.5 years of residency activities in laboratory animal medicine followed by 1.5 years of research coupled with additional laboratory animal medicine activities at an approximately 50:50 split. Students in this program pursue MS degrees but may switch to PhD degree programs.