Research with Genetically-Engineered Animals

Research AnimalsGenetically-engineered mice, rats and swine have emerged as powerful research tools in studies of the molecular basis of human disease. Because of their enormous potential, thousands of mutant mouse models have been created.  Several participating faculty are currently engaged in research characterizing genetically-engineered models. Incorporation of this research area into the CMP provides many additional areas of research in which trainees can participate and will result in individuals who are trained in genetically-engineered animal pathobiology and capable of meeting the critical need for investigators who can characterize these models.

Furthermore, Mutant Mouse, Rat, and Swine Resource and Research Centers are present on this campus. These centers bring several new technologies to this campus, including knockout technology for rats, swine models of human disease, improved efficiencies for rodent transgenesis, genotyping, and rodent rederivation, cryobiology and microbiome services.

Visit the MU Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center website.
Visit the MU Rat Resource and Research Center website.
Visit the National Swine Resource and Research Center website.